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You can easily find the year of construction for your piano by using the piano’s serial number. Choose the brand name and type in the serial number of your piano. How old is my piano? Upright or grand piano, you can find the year of production for your piano, and when available, our Piano Atlas will also provide additional information about your piano.
Serial Number: #117971 Description: The Model F is the predecessor to Baldwin's well known SF-10. - Handmade in the USA as a true performance-level instrument. - Loved by churches, music institutions, performers, and advanced pianists. - Big, bold, clear, powerful tone typical of Baldwin's artis grands. - Includes bench. - 1 year warranty.
The serial number on the case is 2577. The serial number on the soundboard is 24066. The serial number on the harp is 5748. I believe that the instrument was built in 1909. Once completely restored it will be a truly lovely and spectacular reproducing piano. A small number of original Red Welte rolls come with it.