Python recursion is an intimidating topic for beginners. Let's dispel the myth that recursion is difficult by defining it. This is a condition that stops the recursion when a particular base case is met. Without a base function, an infinite loop will be created.
Feb 23, 2005 · #Convert a python function into a form ... The interpreter, tries to evaluate the call to fib, which leads to an infinite recursion. Post a Comment << Home.
Jul 13, 2020 · Termination. A conditional statement is included in the body of the function to force the function to return without recursion call being executed. The iteration statement is repeatedly executed until a certain condition is reached. Condition. If the function does not converge to some condition called (base case), it leads to infinite recursion. If the control condition in the iteration statement never become false, it leads to infinite iteration.
Because Python uses these methods when an attribute isn't an instance variable, you can easily create infinite recursion. This can happen if you try to get an instance variable using a simple self.someAttr in the __getattr__ method, or set the value of an instance variable with a simple self.someAttr in the __setattr__ method.