Smith & Wesson ExtremeOps Pocket knife for auction. So many Tools! Sportscards ; Coins ; Collectibles ; and even a motorcycle this week!
Pocket knives of the 19th century were manufactured in many patterns to suit different purposes. They were made with one to eight blades. Other equipage in addition to one or more blades were scissors, gouges of several types, saws, nail-files or manicure tools, corkscrews, tin openers, erasers, prickers, tweezers, button hooks, ear cleaning ...
Case Pocket Hunter Knife 10881 Blue Denim Bone 61165SS. Average rating: $52.99. Case Seahorse Whittler Knife 10882 Blue Denim Bone 6355WHSS $69.99.
Pocket knife, Swiss Army knife, vintage keys, for auction. wooden foot stretcher, and more